Ford Adds Flux Capacitor Option

October 27, 2015 - Features -

By Brendan R. Appel



Ford apparently has some Back to the Future fans who added a “Flux Capacitor – Happy Back to the Future Day” option to a Ford Focus RS.  Yes, you too can travel in time, and in the new 350hp RS, you will have no trouble reaching the necessary 88mph to do it.  Sadly, it does appear you will need somewhere between 1/8 and ¼ mile of road to achieve said 88mph, as a flying car option was not included in the staggering $1,210,000 option price.

Despite Back to the Future Day having come and gone on October 21st, you can still head on over to and entertain visions of the hopefully not-too-distant future!  Now, if we could only convince Ford to do European Delivery on the RS ….

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